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Meeting all Your HR Needs

It takes more than just a great product to make and keep a successful company. It takes satisfied customers, content employees and effective management.You have, no doubt, invested in numerous items for your business, including equipment, procedures, and promotion, to name a few. You have invested in people, as well. People as customers and as employees; without either of them, you would not have a company. Developing and investing in people just makes good business sense.

We offer first class human resource expertise to help you and your company become the employer of choice and retain and attract capable people, resulting in your company’s continued success.


Sare and Associates specializes in providing expertise and experience in such areas as:

  • Review, development and implementation of human resource policies and procedures
  • Training, employee relations, employment and pay equity
  • Health and safety, WSIB administration and other human resource functions
  • Negotiations, handling of grievances and other labor relations issues
  • Development of programs to promote positive employee relations and wellbeing
  • Recruitment with the use of assessments to ensure the right person is hired, supporting your vision
  • Customized training to meet your personal needs
  • Coaching and mentoring of management
  • In house consulting on an as needed basis, as required

Our customized programs and consultations can assist you with

  • customer and employee satisfaction
  • priority setting
  • team building
  • time management
  • enhancing relationships between management and labor
  • higher productivity and rewards

Based on your needs, we can provide the following

  • An onsite dedicated Human Resource specialist
  • A Human Resource specialist on a casual basis such as 1, 2, 3 days per week/every other week
  • Human Resource expertise on an as needed basis
  • Flexibility and arrangements as required