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Coaching is Not Just for Sports Anymore

Sare and Associates has been offering professional coaching since 2000, and offers you and your company a full range of coaching services.Over the past 10 years corporations, businesses and individuals have realized the importance of professional coaching – everyone benefits!
We can assist you and your employees in understanding their capabilities and perception of critical employee issues, helping in identifying strengths, as well as realizing your employees’ goals and how they fit with your company goals.

It is simply good business practice to help your employees function at their best. Other benefits that are directly related to coaching are:

Increased decision making skills

  • Reduced employee/executive turnover from stress and burnout
  • Increased productivity/profits
  • Reduced customer complaints and in-house conflicts
  • Improved customer relations
  • A more focused employee

We take pride specializing in coaching entrepreneurs and small businesses in helping them take that all-important step to the next level.

At Sare and Associates we also offer personal/individual coaching to help you focus on your goals with

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Career planning
  • Coaching for career planning changes
  • Use of assessments as feedback tools

Contact us to discover additional benefits of professional coaching, specifically tailored to you.